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Put Your Name In Lights

isn’t it glorious?
now let’s discuss the terms of your deal

Yes, Let's

Every endorsement deal has juicy incentives. And to help us build your lucrative contract, we need to know what motivates you.

Better Performance

Potential Fame

Good Vibes

I'm Good With That

Making Kristen Bell cry
real tears

Letting Jessica Alba and
her fabulousness down

Dropping the ball in front
of Cam Newton

I Am Ready

The more I hashtag, the better chance I have of fame.
(Like a “one-in-a-billion” chance)

The more I post about FNV, the more likely* I am to get a free hat signed by Cam Newton.
(*Although, to be honest, the odds aren’t great)

The more you post for us, the better chance Colin Kaepernick will battle an online troll for you.
(Results not typical)

I Understand
I Understand
I Understand

Analyzing submission

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