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We're on a mission to get the world to eat more fruits and veggies. Fresh, frozen, canned and dried — The Partnership for a Healthier America has united every type of fruit and veggie under one awesome brand: FNV. With a dash of playful creativity and boatloads of passion, FNV is harnessing the power of marketing to promote fruits and veggies in the same way big brands market their products.

We have amazing partners and celebrities who support us, but we need you too. Stand with FNV and share your love for fruits and veggies.

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our history
3.15 B YRS
300 M YRS

Earth's Beginning

The Earth was formed and, sadly, FNVs had yet to arrive.

First Plants

A few billion years later, fruits and vegetables began growing out of the ground. They were delicious.

Present Day

Fruits and vegetables continue to grow out of the ground. And indeed, they’re still delicious.

that's pretty much the history
of fruits and vegetables.
FNV is fueled by the Partnership for a Healthier America and supported by our amazing partners.
Anthem Avocados from Mexico BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina Bolthouse Farms CDPH Colorado Snap-Ed Farm Fresh Green City Growers Hidden Valley healthTIDE The Honest Company Kaiser Permanente Lamar Mars Food Ocean Spray Produce for Better Health Foundation Produce Marketing Association Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Spartan Sunsweet Sweetgreen Trinity Health University of Georgia University of Wisconsin-Extension University of Wisconsin–Madison Victors and Spoils Whistle Sports Wisconsin Department of Health Service WWE